The Equanet project is about deciding what "digital society" we want to live in. But more fundamentally, defining what economic opportunities we want our children to inherit.

At Equanet, we are building a dedicated "Internet of Trade & E-commerce" to close the digital participation gap through acess-enabling solutions at the cutting edge of technology. We hope you join us in this collective journey.



Digitally marginalised
businesses (Million)


Resulting annual global
GDP loss ($million)


Global populations unconnected
to the web (Million)

According to the United Nations (UNCTAD) the Digital Divide is widening faster than ever. We estimate that by 2030, a few entities would have become so powerful and large that they can dictate to governments, control society, manipulate public opinion, shape the media outputs and retrict individuals’ movements through surveillance, the power of biometric, AI and the machine learning tools at their disposal. The purpose of Equanet, is to create a safe, ethical and collective antithesis to that scenario.


The challenge posed by the scenario above is too great to be resolved by a single company. At Equanet, our focus in to address this digital disparity as far as trade and e-commerce are concerned. 90% of the world’s businesses cannot sell online under the current configuration of the internet with the singular control of 92% the global search engine market by one entity and 87% of the global advertising market by two entities. At Equanet, we are redefining the construct of the internet with regard to trade and e-commerce.


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